Thursday, February 14, 2013

Click Here to Order - Review of the Book by Joel Comm

Click Here to Order is a very special book for all people interested in doing business online. The whole journey from website to click magnet is discussed in an easy to read and very straightforward way that gives the reader a good insight into the world of selling online.

Joel Comm is already an expert writer here at EzineArticles, and he has written numerous other books. Let me mention The AdSense Code, AdSense Secrets 4, Twitter Power 2.0 and e-books on Kontera and Chitika. He is by many considered Dr. AdSense, but was also the main host of The Next Internet Millionaire - the first television program to build a bridge between reality shows and the world of online money making.

Joel Comm has written a book that specializes on the very important factors that will bring people to click and buy from your website. Whether a website or just a sales letter page there are important factors that can help bring people to the point of being willing to buy from you.

Many elements are covered:

How to get more traffic to your website
How to get searches directed the right way
Changing the focus of your website
The importance of building credibility
Including social media in your compaigns
and much more...
You can literally start from scratch and yet build your website far more effectively, and bring up the value of your business when you read this book that is filled with examples from many lines of business. All the ideas can easily be converted to your business - regardless of which ever niche you are involved in.

Click Here to Order is quite lengthy in some chapters when you are already familiar with doing business online, but the author is easily forgiven because the book has been written with all levels of business in mind.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for Sale in Tampa Bay Real Estate

countertops bay area If you are searching for ways to improve your home in Tampa Bay real estate to help you in getting a quicker sale and to gain great money, you have to do few improvements to transform your home into an appealing one.

Of course, it is a good idea that you clean up every room of your home in order to prepare it for selling. But it is advisable that you put few attentions with your bathrooms and kitchen. These two areas are very important to buyers; it is where you get back the dollars you invest.

It is best to put a modern look to your home. Definitely, potential buyers will be turned off if they are viewing an outdated home. Of course, you do not want to make a major renovation. You do not have to spend that much in improving your home. You can put a bit modernization by refinishing outdated cabinets or countertop, so the result will be an appealing and stunning home.

The most inexpensive improvement that you can make is painting. That simple fresh coat of paint can make a home look new. In choosing color of paint, you have to be careful, since your goal here is to attract buyers. Yes, bright colors can grab attention but it will not appeal to buyers. It is best to go with neutral colors but it is much better to try something new than white.

Check out the yard as well, since this is the first part that buyers will see as they visit your home. Clean up your yard. Remove clutter. Mow the lawn, water the plant and it is best to plant flowers. One of the easiest ways to make a welcoming atmosphere in your home is to make your home looks bright. A well lit room can certainly brighten all up and can help you attract buyers.

You can hire a real estate agent to assist you in selling your home since a real estate agent has the expertise in making quick sale and gaining great deal. But you have to hire someone who is very familiar with the market and someone that you will be comfortable with for few weeks or months of work.

You can ask for recommendations from family, friends and associate, they may have worked with a good real estate agent who gave them satisfaction. Contact at least 3 agents and interview each. Make sure to ask all the important questions that can help you pick up the best.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Writing Essays at University - Drafting Your Essay Plan Have you ever borrowed some books to start your research and realised you did not know where to begin?

Have you ever spent time reading a great deal of information that in the end was irrelevant to the essay or assignment you were working on?

Have you ever started to write your essay and realised you had too much information on one topic, and not enough information on another topic?

If you write a first draft of your essay plan before you begin your research, you will be organised, prepared and save time.

You must write the first draft of your essay plan before you start your research. This will give your research direction and ultimately make it easier for you to write your essay. Having a plan will let you know what you need to research and how much research you need on each topic or subject that you will be writing about.

You will base this first draft of your essay plan on your essay question, and your current knowledge of your subject. It will not happen very often that you are asked to write an essay on a topic you know nothing about, since you will already be studying the subject and will normally have had one or more lectures or tutorials on the topic.

It is acceptable if your essay plan is rough or vague at this point, or if you do not have a great deal of detail. You will develop your essay plan (expanding it and including more detail) and possibly even change it as you go through the research process.

What does a first draft of an essay plan look like?

The first draft of your essay plan will show you what main topics you will discuss in your essay, how the essay will be structured, and roughly how many words you will spend on each part.

If your essay question was 'Is Critical Thinking relevant to the role of a Registered Nurse?' and you had to write 1,500 words, then your essay plan might look like this:

Essay question: 'Is Critical Thinking relevant to the role of a Registered Nurse?'
Essay length: 1,500 words

Introduction (150 words)

1) Thesis statement: Through an examination of the evidence, it is clear that Critical Thinking is highly relevant to the role of a Registered Nurse for a number of reasons.

2) Introduce main points or topics to be discussed: accuracy of diagnoses, patient outcomes, prevent and solve problems, communication

Topic 1: Accuracy of diagnoses (300 words)

Topic 2: Patient outcomes (300 words)

Topic 3: Prevent and solve problems (300 words)

Topic 4: Communication (300 words)

Conclusion (150 words)

1) Concluding statement: Thus, it can be seen that the concept of Critical Thinking is invaluable and highly relevant to Registered Nurses.

2) Sum up main points or topics that have been discussed: accuracy of diagnoses, patient outcomes, prevent and solve problems, communication

Introductions and conclusions

As you can see from the example essay plan above, an introduction and a conclusion will normally be approximately 10% of the word count of the entire essay. (This is a general guide and does not apply to essays longer than 5,000 words).

In order to be considered a true introduction your first paragraph must do two things: 1) answer the essay question in a clear statement (this is called your thesis statement) and 2) introduce the main points your essay will make to support your argument. You cannot discuss any major points or topics in your essay if you have not introduced them in your introduction. Also, you must discuss all your main points or topics in the order that you introduce them in your introduction. This helps to maintain the flow and structure of your essay.