Sunday, October 28, 2012

Modular Building Costs

Cost is the bottom line for any construction project. modular buildings are cost effective because of less labor and material cost. Labor effort is maximized by factory construction and material waste is minimized.

Costs for modular buildings can differ quite radically from $35 to $200 per square foot. The factors that affect price include the size of the building, quality of material and complexity of the construction. Though certain regions have low cost of modular buildings, it is not possible to take advantage of that as the shipping costs turn out to be more.

Transportable classrooms, offices and simple buildings are inexpensive building options. Medical offices are more expensive. Sophisticated buildings with extensive wiring or high quality building material result in building costs that turn out to be quite expensive.

On a typical job site, overhead expenses due to bad weather and in the form of construction delays and damages to building products take place. It is seen that constructors waste valuable time traveling between multiple jobs and running out of supplies. Carpenters, electricians and plumbers who are very necessary in building homes, typically get more work done working on an assembly line than the typical subcontractor doing the same work at the job site. Thus, they become more cost effective in a modular construction.

In terms of financing, the buyer can choose to buy or lease a modular building according to his personal preference. Before making a final decision, the buyer needs to weigh all the pros and cons. It is critical that the buyer ensures that bids are truly competitive before choosing solely on price factor. It is advisable that the buyer checks the quality of fixtures, doors, walls and carpeting before finalizing the contract. The buyer should also ensure that the total cost includes all costs including installation.

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