Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Porta Potties & Porta Johns - Should I Rent One?

Portable toilets or as they are more commonly known, 'porta potties' is the collective name given to a wide range of toilet units that are usually used in places without a drainage system or fixed place to construct it in. Portable does not only mean that they are movable, it also means that they are considered temporary fixtures. A portable toilet is a common sight at construction locations, outdoor rock concerts and music festivals as well as in a number of camp sites across the country.

Porta potties are available in a number of shapes, sizes and configurations by which I mean that you can get a trailer with 6 to 7 portable urinals or you can go for single units in the form of a tent if you are setting them up outdoors on the traditional blue or yellow colored box that one sees so commonly at a number of construction sites. These toilets are usually made out of molded plastic and the more expensive ones have been built with the convenience of the user in mind. They have accessories like soap dispensers as well as inbuilt hand driers.

While some people prefer to buy their portable toilets brand-new, it may make sense to rent them in a number of cases and situations. For example, if you only need them for taking care of the guests at your outdoor wedding you would be better off renting a set of portable toilets for the occasion. However, if you need to get porta potties for longer than a couple of weeks then it would be best to buy a brand-new set of portable toilet units and once you're done using them, take them back to the dealer who you bought it from and have them buy it back. Many dealers will agree to such a deal at the onset of your agreement with them.

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