Wednesday, October 26, 2011


POLISH VERSION. Wspólnie ze sklepem internetowym ROMWE.COM mamy dla Was 2 vouchery o wartości 80$ każdy. Wystarczy, że do 6 listopada:

- Zalogujesz się w sklepie internetowym ROMWE.COM,
- W komentarzu zostawisz e-maila, który podałaś podczas rejestracji

ENGLISH VERSION. Today I have GIVEAWAY with ROMWE.COM online store. Two people can win a gift card worth $80 each. Contest ends on 6th November. What should you do?

- Register yourself on ROMWE.COM online store,
- Leave a comment with your e-mail adress (the same as you wrote at ROMWE.COM online store)

Don't forget, SHIPPING IS FREE WORLDWIDE and new customer receives 20% of the first purchase with the CODE: 20%off. Successful shopping my lovely readers and GOOD LUCK!

EDIT: The winners are: (number 98) and (number 329). Congratulations!

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