Sunday, August 26, 2012

DubTurbo Review - Is DubTurbo The Best Beat Making Sofware Or Is It All Hype?

DubTurbo is the latest craze in the music scene!

It's geared towards the younger generation. Although all generations can certainly load the software and let their creative juices flow.

DubTubo put simply is computer run software that enables the user to create beats, with the end goal of creating their own track.

This is certainly not a new concept. There have been many software's that have enabled users to create tracks on their computers and from the comfort of their own home.

These lightweight studios in a box, have grown rapidly in popularity since they were first released.

DubTurbo is the latest one to take the online music making scene by storm.

Their 1.0 version was extremely popular and instantly dominated their rivals for units sold.

Now they're back with their 2.0 version which is bigger, badder and better than before!

I have played with a few beat making software's in my day. I'm a qualified sound engineer and have a full blown studio.

I have seen the beat making software's come and go. But DubTurbo really seems to be making an impact.

Some of the advanced features that really stood out to me were the 4 octave sampler keyboard, the awesome drum machine and the 16 channel track sequencer.

The one major benefit of this product that really stood out amongst its competitors though was the fact that the samples and tracks were in .wav format.

In case you don't know a .wav file is roughly 10x larger than it's little cousin the.mp3.

MP3's are good, but there is a problem when a track is compressed, and that is that the track loses sound quality. Especially if it's an upbeat track with a high BPM (beats per minute).

The .wav format offers much higher quality sound tracks. Overall a much more rounded bass and much cleaner and crisper trebles and mid range.

You can also import and export files, therefore incorporating your own sounds or perhaps to export a track you have made and listen to it while your out and about.

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